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Laser Tattoo

We Specialise in Removing that old ink

Maybe the name of an ex. or a silly teenage drunken moment

Here at ThAT'S GONE Laser Tattoo Removal

we specialise in cover ups to fade your tattoo to the point where you can then cover it up with whatever you like.

Who said that tattoos are designed to last forever? 

ThATT's GONE laser removal system will quickly rid you of what you would like to forget.

Tattoo ink is deposited deep in the skin. In order to reach all of the ink in the skin, multiple treatment sessions are needed for clearance.

The total number of treatments varies depending on composition, depth and the colour of the ink, as well as the size of the tattoo. You should be prepared for multiple treatment sessions and we can give you a better idea of the total number of treatments needed during your consultation.

In many cases, we are able to completely remove tattoos. 
However it is very important to know that some ink colours are more difficult to clear than others.

 We can discuss this further during your consultation.