Are you carrying a heavy load
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Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of inappropriate stimulation of hormonal and nervous ‘stress response’ Hypnotherapy can induce a deep stats of relaxation. The process of hypnosis tends to switch off the ‘stress response’ and switch on the ‘relaxation response’. Self-hypnosis is a relaxation skill which you can learn. It can empower you to gain more control over previously stressful situations.

Stress management hypnotherapy

provides you with a range of tools

and techniques to help you come

to terms with the stress in your life. 

 This includes deciding between

stresses that cannot be controlled,

and the stresses that are generated

through your own actions and reactions

and therefore you can regain control.

Depresion and anxiety can spiral out

of control,  is it controlling you, instead

of the other way around. Do you hate your life are you tired, out of energy.. Do you suffer from sadness, do life hassles make you feel like you cant cope any longer. Hypnosis can help you

Carrying the hurt
Anxiety, Stress and Depression in Adelaide and Northeast Suburbs