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Fibromyalgia generally is not treated as a single issue problem.  


And this is frustrating to sufferers and medical professionals because there is no single solution due to the fact that it consists of so many symptoms which can change at any time! . So if there was a single soliution that covered pain, fatigue and sleep problems, then that would help a Fibromyalgia sufferer , wouldnt it?

         Your Brain Can

Hypnosis is used to improve the patiends quality of life quickly. When the symptoms become controlled we look at the underlying causes. Then start to repattern the way the body responds to the triggers. 

Many fibromyalgia patients notice pain reduction in their symptoms  from hypnosis, they also found an increase in  comfort aswell as energy levels. Hypnosis also helps with the sleep and stress components of Fibromyalgia.

 A study conducted by NIH showed that patients undergoing hypnosis treatment reported 80% fewer pain symptoms than those who received no hypnosis treatment.

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