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Hypnosis is a very effective way to help Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Hypnosis has been proven1 to be an effective way to treat Irritable Bowel . Hypnotherapy  produces positive results in more than 80% of the people who use it and is used for IBS within the British NHS.

With Hypnosis we manage IBS pain and symptoms related to stress -bloating, irritable bowl & diet


Can your brain cure IBS? Studies say yes.


How do IBS hypnosis treatments work?

The subconscious can change body functions, including blood flow, heart rate, how fast you breath, and other things. That’s a proven fact. It has something to do with the mind-body connection.

There are many theories about how it works. In truth, it’s not really clear.

But it works.

And somehow hypnosis can get your bowels to work the way they’re supposed for many people. Leaving you free to enjoy your life again

IBS in Adelaide and Northeast Suburbs