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A healthy immune system is the key to resisting infections, allergies and chronic illnesses. The immune system protects and defends the body against viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Autoimmune diseases happens when our natural protective mechanisms either go on strike or become confused and disoriented

With hypnosis you can retrain those cells that are misguided or confused which attack the body the joints, internal organs or skin to gradually learn to protect your body and only attack foreign invaders or mutant cells. 

With hypnosis we can directly access the subconscious and explore the underlying reasons for this attack . One of the most common reasons for the body being attacked is that we are not listening to it, we are so involved in our day to day stresses of life we ignore what our minds are trying to tell us.  Our body then may  create physical symptoms for us to take notice. Sometimes our bodies react to external stressors  we haven't noticed before and we suddenly react in a way that we call an allergy

With hypnosis we can reconnect to our subconscious and listen to what it is saying. 

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Auto-Immune Disease in Adelaide and North East Suburbs