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Generally, children respond to hypnotic suggestion better than adults because they use their imagination so much more. Children are in and out of hypnosis all day long. Hypnosis is like daydreaming, daydreaming with a purpose.In hypnosis we use that daydreaming state of mind for a reason–to bring desired changes.

Hypnosis is beneficial for children’s health problems. There are many studies to back this up. Hypnosis also works quickly on 

 relieving the presenting symptoms quickly, but it might take extended psychotherapy to deal

with the underlying psychological

issues.Of course, hypnosis can

not cure disease or severe medical

issues, but when used to treat

many conditions it can be very effective, even in cases where the children have severe psychological problems. In severe cases we with work with the childs medical team to get the best outcome possible

Hypnosis empowers children to believe they can master new skills. It’s a confidence booster.

Hypnosis is effective for:

  • Wetting the bed

  • Anxiety

  • Habits eg, nail biting

  • Sleep Problems

  • Pain Control

  • Fears like dentist, needles, hospitals etc

  • Helps with self esteem and confidence

  • Bullying

  • and many more