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3 Ways to INSTANTLY Stop Mindless Snacking

Do you catch yourself automatically reaching for snacks between meals


you eat when you're bored

and want to add a little "zing" to your


Maybe you reach for a snack when you feel lonely.

Some people snack when they feel overwhelmed.

These tips work no matter why a person snacks.

Here's why they work so well....

Mindless snacking is a SUBCONSCIOUS habit

The fact that you call it "mindless" shows you already realize it's a subconscious pattern.

Willpower doesn't stop mindless snacking because willpower is a CONSCIOUS mind strategy.

You can't stop SUBCONSCIOUS patterns with conscious strategies.

(Read that sentence again. When it sinks in, everything changes.)

You're about to learn 3 subconscious strategies that let you easily stop mindless snacking...

...without using willpower.

Each of these tricks is incredibly simple. Please don't dismiss them because they seem too easy.

As you read, imagine yourself using these tools the next time you notice yourself reaching for a snack.

You'll be amazed at how well they work!

#1: Step out of the urge to snack with 3x3

(You can try this right now if you want.)

Stop. Focus your eyes on one spot in front of you and just let yourself zone out.

Then notice 3 things you can see with your peripheral vision.

As you continue to stare at that spot, notice 3 things you can hear.

Stay zoned out looking at that spot and notice what you FEEL with your body.

  • Notice the feeling of being supported by the surface beneath you.

  • Notice where your clothing brushes gently against your body.

  • Notice the way your tongue feels in your mouth.

This lets you notice things you were missing before.

Mindless snacking only happens when you've stepped OUT of the present moment.

This 30-second technique lets you step right back into NOW and releases that snacking impulse you had.

When you notice the peace in your body, tell yourself, "I am here and I am already content."

#2: Jump Out

This fun 2-second trick lets you interrupt the subconscious, mindless snacking pattern instantly.

Next time you notice yourself reaching for a snack, physically jump to a different spot on the floor.

Then look back at where you were when you felt the impulse to snack and imagine giving yourself advice from this outside perspective.

You can tell yourself, "It's ok, that's just a subconscious pattern. You are content without a snack."

# 3: Change your mindless snacking story

I know. I know. Changing your

self-talk seems so cliche but I

double dare you to do this next

time you feel like snacking.

It works because two things

cannot occupy the same space

at the same time. So if your mind is full of

empowering thoughts, the idea of snacking

just won't fit.

Here is some self-talk to try on. . .

"I am in control."

"I am content without a snack."

"I am perfectly satisfied already!"

*Bonus points for standing or sitting up straight and holding your head high while you give yourself a pep talk.


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